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Asking for and Giving Opinions

Asking Opinion is  to ask other people's opinions on an issue.  
Giving Opinion is to express an opinion on a matter or issue.

Example :
1.Nina : “ ……… Yogyakarta ?”
   Ina  : “Hm..m.. I think It’s not too big. But, not too small either and most of the people are friendly.”
a.What do you think
b.How do you like
c.What do you like
d.Why don’t you like
e.Why do you like
2.Nando : What do you think of go to beach?
   Vian   I’m sorry. I don’t agree to your opinion. But I think we go to museum.
   The underlined utterance is used to express...
c.Giving opinion
3.Sumi : Do you like hard rock?
    Roky : I fond of it. World is rocking with it. How about you?
    Sumi  : I hate very much. It make me dizzy.
    What did Sumi and Roky feel about hard rock music?
a.Sumi love it but Roky doesn’t
b.Sumi hate it but Roky like it
c.Both of them hate it
d.Both Sumi and Roky like it
4.Tono and Tari have just read a fable .
   Tono   : What’s your opinion of the fable?
   Tari     : ___________ the story is full of moral values

a.I know

b.I think

c.I wonder

d.I agree
5.Nimas and Yuni are at a shop. Nimas wants to buy an umberella
  Nimas : How about this umberella?
   Yuni     : I think it’s pretty good for you. It matches the colour of your clothes.
   The underlined utterance is used to express ....



c.Asking opinion



6.Journalist : “We heard that you and your husband be divorced soon. Have you got any comments on the issue?”

  Marsyanda : “______. We’re OK. Please, I need to go.”

a.I really like you

b.I personally consider that

c.That’s wonderful

d.That’s not true

e.That’s true

7. Sumanti : “________ this hat?”

           Rusmini : “I think it’s pretty good for you. It matches the colour of your clothes.”

a.Do you want

b.Do you agree to buy

c.What do you think about

d.Do you mind if I buy

e.What do you know

8.Wahyu and Umar are sharing their opinion on a recent education issue.
   Wahyu: Do you agree that education must be affordable for the poor?
   Umar : Absolutely _______.
a.I deny
b.I agree
c.I don’t care it
d.I try to do so
e.I disagree
9.Jamilah : What do you think   about the novel?
  Ruslan : I think ......
a.It good
b.It does not
c.It’s very good
d.The novel  great
e.It useless
10.   Son : “Father, I want join the foodball competition tomorrow. I’m so nervous.”
        Father: “Take is easy, son. I believe you can handle it. Perhaps, you canknow you opponents better.”
        From the dialogue above we know that fater ...
a.Give his opinion
b.Ask his son opinion
c.Refuses his son’s opinion
d.accepts his son’s opinion

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